Activation Samsung Bootloader mode

The process of repair or change of IMEI online through the Bootloader mode is a bit complicated to perform, because first we have to unlock this mode, and it is a process in which you must be clear that the device would be left with software errors. For this reason, we must use the software to repair or change the IMEI using the Bootloader method, this executable software can be downloaded free from our Pro server, which is available 24 hours for download. This software acts as the unlock boxes, allowing you to use the boot mode of Samsung mobiles, extracting their files.

Once this is done in the folder, in a white area with nothing, hold down Shift and then right-click to select the option that says “Open command window here.”

Now you have to type without the quotes obviously “adb-windows restart the bootloader”. After this, you have to type “fasboot-windows oem unlock”.

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In case you have problems and the phone gets stuck, install PdaNet and repeat the process again.

Pay attention to the mobile because it will ask you a question if you want to run it on the device and the answer obviously must be yes to continue.

In this very simple way, you can unlock the bootloader and start rooting, install custom recoveries, custom ROMs, among other extremely interesting things that Android has to offer us once we have total freedom on the entire device in question.

Remember that if you want more information about rooting, ROM, recovery and everything related to Android, use the blog search engine.