Best Methods to Repair and Change IMEI of Mobile Device (IMEI Blacklist Removal)

Currently having a locked mobile device or its IMEI has been damaged by a bad update or a factory defect is no longer a problem. There are many solutions to repair or change the IMEI of any mobile device using tools already known on the web. Our applications have the ability to remove the IMEI of any Android device from the Backlist to be thus with a total use of 100%, thus being the safest free method found on the internet and is being used by many, since we come with this year’s updates and new features.
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IMEI blacklist removal and Change

The best tools to unlock any type of mobile device by means of IMEI, the blacklist removal works 100% without restriction, this service is available for all countries in the world and all telephone operators.

Free Online IMEI Repair Service

This service has been improved by our team, making it available to users as an online service, since it has always been known in person. We handle the best free online IMEI repair service, backed by the best box and dongle brands.

Free Download the Applications and get your device working at 100%

You have the privilege of being able to download the suite of tools that offer the best repair, change and IMEI removal service from the Backlist. Get the free compressed file from our hosting server, available 24 hours a day.

These tools work as we normally see them, the only difference is that the mobile device does not connect, with our online service you only need to enter the model and version of your operating system, in many cases you only need the IMEI.

System requirement

  • PC
  • 100MB Hard Drive Storage
  • Internet (Good speed)
  • Excellent coverage on all mobile networks
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with all versions of Android and mobile device models.