Remove from Apple’s Blacklist by Changing or Repairing IMEI

Your iPhone has no signal? Do you have a signal but cannot make calls? If your iPhone is blacklisted with us, you can repair or change the IMEI of your iPhone so that it works 100% again. We delete the report from any cell phone to allow service to your operator again. A 100% guaranteed service and with the guarantee of the leading iPhone unlock company.
Once we have deleted the report from your iPhone (removed from the blacklist), you can use your iPhone again. If you have purchased a second-hand iPhone and cannot use it with our IMEI repair, exchange or reset services, you can recover the signal.

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The IMEI online exchange and repair service for free, has been complemented through this website. It has the same function of the boxes that make the change and repair of IMEI directly, the only difference is that here it is online and free, you can also download the corresponding software to activate the service. In the case of Apple devices, it is necessary that this has become a Jailbreak, that is, breaking the security that iOS has on its devices, after this if we can apply the process of changing IMEI or repair, in order to unlock your iPhone and enjoy it.

Steps to change or repair IMEI on iPhone

  • Download software from any of the unlock boxes.
  • Install the downloaded tool.
  • Run software
  • Connect the iPhone with original 30-pin Lightning cable.
  • The tool must recognize the device. (before this you must do Jailbreak).
  • Click on repair or change IMEI. (Process 1 to 3 min approx.)
  • Apple device restarts.
  • Ready. Create new iCloud account to use your iDevice.

This process is very safe since this software connects remotely to the secure servers of the different mobile phones, for this reason you can make this change or repair of IMEI.