New Chimera Tool Online (Last update 2021)

Chimera tool offers free online IMEI repair and unlock service for any mobile device. It also has the ability to remove IMEI from the Blacklist, and unlock any Smartphone in its entirety.
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In its interface it has the option to repair IMEI in case it is required, it is a complete tool in terms of solutions on repair, change, unlocking and elimination of the Blacklist that Android devices present.

Download Chimera Tool Free for your PC

IMEI repair availability is 100%. The download of the Chimera tool is done from our hosting server, available 24 hours a day, without registration or human verification.

The latest Chimera update is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). In the case of mobiles, all versions of Android.

How to use Chimera Tool on my Smartphone?

Repairing or changing the IMEI of your Smartphone makes it simple using the Chimera tool, we offer the free online service and also a download of the complete tool for you to use on any cell phone model.

To use Chimera Tool just enter the IMEI number and the model of your mobile, it will show you on the screen the errors that this number has and you will be able to access the options that it displays in the main menu, it is already a matter of what you need the user, repair, change or delete IMEI from the Blacklist.

Supported Models

Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Blackberry, Sony Xperia. It doesn’t matter what version of Android the devices have.