free imei generator tool

Free IMEI Generator Software

The IMEI generator tool handles each of the attributes of valid identification numbers through sequences and algorithms. The number purchased allows you to use the device 100% in full, without risking the information that is registered.

From here you will get all the information necessary to change or repair the IMEI of your device, in case you lose it or simply want to change it to get some advantages.

IMEI Generator Function

You can generate another IMEI if the one with your device is compromised or if you lost it when you installed multiple programs.

Due to our latest IMEI number change software, it is possible to bypass the cellular operator’s security measures by changing the IMEI number and you will start using your cell device once again.
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You can also lock your mobile device in case of loss or theft, since having the IMEI number in your possession, our generator has the ability to lock the device.

Download IMEI Generator

The installer package for this free software is available on our hosting server Pro, for free download. You don’t need any data checking or anything like that.

The availability of this server is 24/7 for any user. It is compatible with any operating system, both mobile and PC.

What is IMEI and what is it for?

IMEI is the abbreviation for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The complete IMEI number is 15 digits. To get the IMEI just dial on the keyboard * # 06 *. You can also find it on the label on the back of the cell phone behind the battery.

The IMEI is necessary for any mobile phone to authenticate and connect to the GSM network. Other uses: connect and authenticate to various servers, banking operations carried out on the mobile phone, various software applications, etc.

How did you lose your IMEI?

  • The most common cause of IMEI loss was the “factory reset” due function which on some models / software versions also removes the IMEI.
  • The process by which users update their phone software and update (install) a new custom ROM (modified version of Android).
  • The algorithm of our Generator is to produce better results compared to other applications. No need to unlock or root your phone.

What this procedure also helps:

  • Solve the lack of signal problem
  • Cancel and delete the invalid IMEI message
  • In short, you can recover lost IMEI series from phone