Our tools have the function of repair and removal from the Blacklist the damaged or reported IMEI of any Android device. The device with a new IMEI number has a 100% performance using our online softwares. The web provides you with the options to repair or delete the Blacklist, depending on what you require, we advise you to have a good internet connection, since there may be errors in the process.

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You only need to provide the real information of your device and follow the instructions on how to use our tools, any process related to repair or removal of the Blacklist has a time of 10 minutes, so there should be no effort, because your device will be fully functional .

The best benefit of this solution is that you get it for free and you don’t have to pay anything to use our services. For the process you need to know the existing IMEI number of the device and the device model, if you don’t know your correct IMEI number, you need to find it first and then activate the process. To get your IMEI number you just need to type * # 06 # on your device keyboard and you will get your number on the screen.

Online IMEI Blacklist Removal and Repair Tool

Services for free use on any device locked or reported on the Blacklist. We have very good information for any user who has a problem with the existing IMEI number on their device. If you need to remove your mobile phone device from the blacklist, our tool will help you remove the existing one and get a new IMEI identification number.

This tool removes all traces from your device that were probably installed in the past. All you have to do is pay attention to the information available on our website and learn everything you need to do if you want to get brand new devices that are not restricted anywhere in the world. On our website you will find everything you need to know to complete the removal IMEI from the Blacklist and repair without any problem.