Software Pegasus Box Free ✓ Change or Replace IMEI

The IMEI change and repair service online through Pegasus Box software is very efficient, because through our secure server we can change, reset and repair the IMEI of phones with any operating system. This online service is very necessary, since in most countries the IMEI repair or change service cannot be obtained, these boxes are very difficult to obtain. For this reason, we implement this service online, and you can also download it for free, for users who have problems with the IMEI of their phones solve it through us. We have 24/7 availability to request the free download, compatible with all cell phones of any operating system, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Pegasus Box is a professional tool for IMEI repair and full cell phone service. The box is designed to release phones from any operating system, read and record the flash, reset them and read codes. With the Pegasus Box you can easily repair or change IMEI, serial number, recover “dead” phones and repair software problems (intermittent phone, no signal, locked phone, etc.). The Pegasus box can work with 256 phones simultaneously. The Pegasus software works with the virtual COM port, created by Pegasus box or by some other programmer that connects through the original USB cable.

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Pegasus Box – Special Features

  • IMEI Repair
  • Serial number reset
  • Reset and read codes
  • Repair of “dead” phones
  • Software problem repair.
  • Possible Pegasus box updates
  • Pegasus can work with 256 phones simultaneously.
  • It works with any interface that creates the virtual COM port or UFS devices.
  • High data rate (468/912).
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Cellular models are classified in alphabetical order.
  • Simple activation of the smart card and automatic updates without log files or activation lines.
  • Compatibility with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Activation of additional modules without modifications of hardware or auxiliary equipment.
  • Firmware system consisting of a single file, independent of the platform.
  • Correct work with phones that support two SIM cards.
    IMEI repair.
  • Enter the user’s Bluetooth address.
  • NVM / EEPROM / CALDATA restart.
  • Reset any software error.
  • Access to Boot-Loader v2.0: the largest repository of flash files for cell phones.
  • Professional support team ready to receive help at any time.