Unlock IMEI Software Medusa Pro Sony Xperia

This repair for Sony Xperia models should only be done if the device has the Bootloader mode unlocked, since the medusa box pro software to perform the procedure must be installed on the device, and for this the device must be unlocked Manager mode Boot.

This software can be downloaded from our servers for free, acts directly as the repair and exchange box of IMEI, but in this case it will unlock the bootloader mode.

Unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader mode

If we have an Android smartphone and we want to make the most of it, we will probably be one of those who want to root it (if we have not already done so), unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs to try it. If in addition, our Android is an Xperia, then we will have an important installation, and it is the official tool to unlock the bootloader of some of the Sony devices on the market.

First of all, we have to know if our Xperia has the possibility of unlocking the bootloader. Sometimes, unlocking is not possible due to operator limitations, among others.

Open the phone application and enter * # * # 7378423 # * # *.
Once the service menu is opened, we access the path Service information> Configuration> Rooting status. If we find that the bootloader unlock allowed appears as Yes, then we can unlock the bootloader. If, on the contrary, No or undefined appears, then it is not possible.

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Once this is done, we will need the personalized code for each mobile that will be used to unlock our terminal:

We access the Sony page where we begin with the process and press the Yes button, I am sure, with which we affirm that we are sure of what we are doing.

In the next window, we check the two boxes, in which we accept that the process may damage the device and that the warranty may have been voided, and we click Accept.

Next, we are asked to enter our full name, the IMEI of our mobile phone and the email address. To know the IMEI of our mobile phone, we re-open the Phone application and dial on it * # 06 #. Simply enter the first 14 numbers, the last one is discarded. And press Send. With this, we will have the code necessary to unlock the bootloader. We aim it and keep it well.